In love with drawing and works on paper

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11 February 2010

I have fallen in love with drawing and works on paper. Yes, it is fashionable and, yes, it has had a rebirth. It's so beautiful to see the line work and build up on paper.

"Debut VI" is an annual exhibition at Melbourne's Blindside that, in 2010, is curated by Natalya Maller, Drew Pettifer and Andrew Tetzlaff.

The artists who have been selected to exhibit are Maggie Brown, Christo Croker, Dylan Hammond, Ted Mckinlay, Sophie Mitchell, Sam Page, Van Thanh Rudd, Jacob Weiss and Marcin Wojcik.

For me, I engaged in Ted Mckinlay's work, "Those places you were not (All at once)", 2009–10, pastel on paper, 110cm x 150cm. I have not seen pastel on paper in such a long time... and Ted manages to create many layers with a clever colour palette.

Those places you were not (All at once)

"Those places you were not (All at once)", by Ted Mckinlay

There is great line work, perspective and, amongst the many buildings, a human element with a glimpse of a child standing on a balcony, alone, looking out beyond the edge of the paper.

"From morning to noon to night we barrage our senses with visual imagery that our mind dutifully shelves, classifies and catalogues as our waking experience. It is this phenomenological accumulation that McKinlay investigates through layering tableaus rendered in shadowy pastel. Fleeting moments are conjoined and superimposed on short eternities, some detailed with hypersensitive clarity and others disregarded as incidental fragments. The whole becomes a labyrinth of imagery, a non-functional record of information that mirrors our own unreliable memory."

We lose so many of our "works on paper artists" to painting... maybe it's because, as a society, we feel painting holds more presence, value and prestige.

I hope we do not lose Ted to the painting world. He is very talented and a mid-emerging artist who has lots of potential!

What: "Debut VI"
When: Until 13 February 2010; Thursday to Saturday, 12pm to 6pm
Where: Blindside – Level 7, Room 14, Nicholas Building (37 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC); view location on Google Maps