School groups

walk-to-art offers tours to school groups; travelling to street art, public art, galleries and artist studios.

Bernadette Alibrando shares her knowledge in a way that is educational, creative and fun; exploring concepts, mediums and technical skills along the way.

How many: Groups of up to 20 students (smaller groups are advised)

How long: The suggested duration is 1.5 hours

How much: $180 per hour (per group)

Artist workshops: Can be added to the end of the tour

We also tailor art tours to accommodate individual group interests and schedules. Enquire now

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(photo on the home page: Baby Guerilla)

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Testimonial (School groups)

"We examined the street art that has made Melbourne one of the best known street art centers in the world and some of the small contemporary art spaces that are available to new artists.

"Bernadette challenged us to question the visual spaces around us and guided us to broaden our thinking beyond conservative ideas of what art 'should or could' be."

Luisa Stocco, Year 12 Art and Design Teacher at Mercedes College, Adelaide SA (Mercedes College Newsletter, 2009)