walk to art's first New York artist in a residence

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14 July 2009

walk-to-art, in conjunction with Melbourne Girls Grammar (MGGS), will host our first New York artist in a residence.

Ryan F Kennedy, an emerging New York artist from Brooklyn, New York, will be artist in residence at MGGS. RFK will be accommodated in North Fitzroy by walk-to-art and will then exhibit at fortyfivedownstairs, in Naarm / Melbourne. The small room has been generously funded by MGGS from 1 and 12 September 2009.

RFK has been in demand even before he graduated from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). After a group exhibition at Location One gallery in New York, RFK was chosen to work for Ralph Lauren in textile and design.

walk-to-art discovered RFK in 2006 and has been following RFK's creative journey ever since. RFK has opened his studio doors to accommodate walk-to-art groups in New York and has generously given time, enthusiasm and artistic knowledge to all those who have visited. In conjunction with MGGS, walk-to-art is very excited to be giving this fabulous opportunity to a very talented and unique artist.

"I am so excited to do this project. I believe every person has a defining moment at school; the one experience that alters them to pursue a career or a passion as they move through life." For me it was the adults around me who where consumed by their artistic process. It would mean everything to me if just one student is touched in a similar way as we create our works together," says RFK.

RFK works in multiple disciplines that include found object, fibre, installation and performance. RFK draws from the dynamics within the environments he finds himself in bringing concept to form through his creations.

RFK recently finished a floral sculpture for New York's fashion label Coventry by Matthew Terry. Coventry commissioned an 8-feet tall floral sculpture as a bone-fire for inspiration, which became a 10-feet in diameter and 11-feet tall over-grown Salem Which Trial bundle. The work composed of cedar, white oak, cherry, magnolia, whispy willows, moss, rock and mushrooms was finished with 80-feet vines braided and multiple other vines wrapped around the center.


RFK continues today with installations and wall works for international companies and private collectors.

RFK has been written and reviewed in The New York Times, Village Voice and Women's Wear Daily to name a few.