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WeTeachMe – March
9 Must-Do Art and Food Experiences in Melbourne

"Melbourne's already known for its vibrant art scene, but you will be surprised to discover that there is more to see. Traipse along Fitzroy through Collingwood and be introduced to some of the most amazing and eclectic street art, as well as the most exciting art spaces and studios you'll see."

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"Bernadette Alibrando, a professional art consultant and the driving force behind walk-to-art, takes her guests on an artistic journey of discovery. Commencing in a hidden café and ending at a tucked away bar, walk-to-art is an intimate, behind the scenes tour that takes guests to street art, art in artist-run initiative spaces, and to artists in their studios, all in Melbourne's unnamed buildings and lane-ways. Guests walk and talk while learning about Melbourne's remarkable art community. It is a unique activity allowing people to see a special side to Melbourne."

Seamountours (Germany) – August
"If you not only want to see the art scene, but also want to see some of the outlying neighborhoods, a walk-to-art tour with Bernadette Alibrando's is highly recommended."

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RACV Magazine – November
Walk Melbourne: Feet first

"Bernadette Alibrando is a curator and artist mentor who knows Melbourne's artistic leanings inside out. Her tours begin with a convivial coffee before moving on to some of the more progressive gallery spaces in the city – often not-for-profits and artist-run initiatives, many of which you would never find on your own. Tours change frequently and there's a twilight option where you're taken to quirky openings. To finish, there's always wine and nibbles."

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Luxury Escapes: The World's Best Holidays – November
24 hours in Melbourne

(watch it on YouTube)

"Spend your day discovering the artwork dotted around the city with walk to art's wonderfully eclectic tour. 'For me, it's all about the little, hidden places. It's the places without any signage, the places you don't know about... it's these laneways, it's that sense of discovery that I love about Melbourne,' says tour guide Bernadette Alibrando."

Journeys to Come (by Catriona Rowntree; with photos) – November
"To enjoy walk to art you do not need knowledge of art, just an interest and curiosity. You can explore your own thoughts and feelings about what you see, and will be guided by an art consultant with a passion for both walking and discovering – the lovely Bernadette Alibrando. Bernadette's vision is to take the snobbery out of art and she adores showing off Melbourne's hidden gems."

ArtsHub – May
A guide to the best creative art trails

Postcards 2016 (Melbourne), channel 9 – April

The Urban List Melbourne – January
"Experience something at Melbourne Central other than shopping, with art consultant Bernadette Alibrando's free walk to art tour. It'll introduce you to the stories behind the murals, sculptures, installations and street art pieces located around the shopping complex, and make you that annoying, in-the-know local who can explain to out-of-towners what the floating Hamish Munro sculpture means."

book now Traveller – October
World's top attractions: 15 of the best behind-the-scenes tours

"Why book: You'll discover and learn about an eclectic array of artistic mediums without the need to feel intimated or ignorant. What you see: An insider's glimpse into art communities beyond the obvious, from back-lane jewellery workshops to artists' homes and studios or lesser-known exhibition spaces. Itineraries and destinations are always changing and are not revealed to customers until the day of the tour. Knowledgeable, well-connected guides keep the experience free flowing and fun. It's definitely accessible to those without an artistic background or a mustard yellow polar neck in their wardrobe." / PerthNow – The Sunday Times – October
Why Melbourne will be the hottest city in Australia this weekend for the AFL Grand Final

The Urban List – September
This Weekend in Melbourne

TimeOut Melbourne – June
Uncommon Places: Instructions from the Fringe

The Plus Ones – June
Favourite events of May 2015

"walk to art: Art should make you stop, look, and go 'wow'! That's all that is required for a piece to be engaging, according to Bernadette Alibrando, the director of Melbourne's walk to art. Bernadette started the company after spending a lot of time curating and working with artists. Her vision is to take the snobbery out of art and she loves showing off Melbourne's hidden gems to people from across the art spectrum. We loved her style and general view that art should be engaging, allowing the public to feel or interact with it."

Black Mark – June
Melbourne Central has art

Pieces of Victoria (Tourism Victoria) – June
Discover Melbourne on foot

The Thousands (Three Thousand, Melbourne) – May
walk to art tour at Melbourne Central

Scoop Independent News (New Zealand) – May
Kiwi Culture Vultures – Head to Melbourne

Endless Vacation – March
Melbourne Art Scene

Pieces of Victoria – April
Arts & Culture in Melbourne this winter

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Lonely Planet – Accessible Melbourne

2 on the Wing – Travel inspirations at a click – August
Spotlight on Melbourne

"My walk to art tour is about accessing spaces that wouldn't ordinarily be available," says Bernadette Alibrando, the art world's go-to girl, ready to plug visitors into Melbourne's quirky street art, video installations and painting scene. "People come to art tours from all angles so it's important to meet up and connect as a group over a coffee before setting off," she says. Slowing it down and making it fun, tours start in the city followed by a tram ride to artists' spaces and boutique galleries before a lively debrief over a farewell wine and cheese. What better way to cap off a great tour!"

Melbourne's The Age – March
Studio visits offer peek into artists' lives (with photo)

"Meet the Makers [is] a nice way to get back into seeing what's changing in Melbourne and to get [to meet] people."

Melbourne Leader News – March
Eight Yarra artists will open their studios for a Meet the Makers festival
(with photos)

Broadsheet – March
Meet the Makers 2014 (with photos)

Concrete Playground – March
"It's no secret that Melbourne is trying to become New York. (...) This latest initiative is also from our cosmopolitan heartland – straight out of Tribeca. When curator Bernadette Alibrando travelled to New York in 2006, she discovered an amazing non-profit organisation, TOAST, that started discussions between emerging artists and the general public. Meet the Makers is a Melbourne version of that same event. (...) Discover some new and exciting work straight from the source."

O Globo (Brazil) – March

TimeOut Melbourne – March
Meet the Makers – Poke around the artist studios of Collingwood and Fitzroy

Melbourne's city sass and Tasmania's spectacular wilderness (The Straits Times, Singapore)

artsHub – February
Get to the heart of things at Meet the Makers

Yarra City Arts (City of Yarra) – February
Meet the Makers 2014
Plus Liveguide, Feest, Melbourne Arts Club and art Almanac

Klaus and Fritz (Melbourne curated) – January
Top 5 guided Melbourne tours

Where Magazines Australia – January
"Admire the city's thriving street art scene, check out galleries and visit colourful studios with the team at walk to art. Can't tell the difference between a painting by Francis Bacon and a stencil by Banksy? Don't worry – after a few hours you'll be chatting away to members of Melbourne's art community over cheese and wine like you are an expert. This boutique experience offers a regularly changing itinerary so you never know what masterpieces you might stumble upon."

book nowMelbourne Official Visitor Guide – Summer 2013/14
The Official Visitor Guide is Melbourne's flagship guide, recognised as the authentic and official guide for Melbourne. Endorsed by Tourism Victoria, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Convention + Visitor Bureau, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre & Australia Hotels Association (Malaysia) – November
10 unique places to visit in Melbourne

Discover Your Own Backyard (City of Yarra) – November
Summer Walking and Drawing Workshops

Meet The Makers (Melbourne's The Age, Triple R – Melbourne Independent Radio, Local Community Newspapers, Melbourne Times Weekly, A City with Quirk, Desktop Magazine, everguide, Three Thousand, milkbarmag, City of Yarra, The Design Kids and, see below, Broadsheet Melbourne, Time Out Melbourne, Melbourne Leader News and Sydney Morning Herald) – March

Time Out Melbourne – What have you discovered in your own backyard lately? Meet the Makers is a series of eight events which allow you to get to know Collingwood and Fitzroy's artists in their natural habitat. Curator Bernadette Alibrando explains that, "all the individuals who have been selected for Meet the Makers are extremely passionate about what they do". "The events are educational. You will discover new ideas and techniques and be exposed to the work of amazing individuals," Alibrando says.

Broadsheet Melbourne – Have you ever been curious about what actually goes on in an artist's studio or wondered what is being created behind the walls you walk past every day? Or perhaps you're an artist looking to make some new professional connections and broaden your skills. This weekend heralds the perfect event for you: Meet the Makers, a chance to get up close and personal Melbourne's creatives and artisans.(...) "Throughout my career, I've always wanted to work towards educating people in understanding the long journey of being an artist," says (Bernadette) Alibrando. (...) "Meet the Maker lets people see the artist make the work, appreciate the time and effort that goes into it, joining the dots between individuals, art and artists." (read full article, with photo)

Melbourne Leader News – Studio doors to open at the inaugural Meet the Makers event across Fitzroy and Collingwood (with photos)

Sydney Morning Herald – Meet the Maker (with photo gallery)

travel3sixty – May
"By design – Melbourne's art scene, like many other aspects of this city, is to be approached with a readiness for the unexpected. Melbourne City Council often supports the use of public spaces as a free backdrop for artistic expression. Art is literally everywhere. Art consultant Bernie Alibrando proves just how unexpected these public art displays are when she leads me down an empty laneway in the CBD."

mrs. ropers musings (United States) – April
"This 2.5 hour Friday afternoon tour was by far the highlight of my time in Melbourne this year. (...) Not only did this art tour by Bernie Alibrando highlight the street art in and around the Central Business District but she took us to unusual and mainstream galleries, pointed out and visited amazing little shops, restaurants and bars and ignited my passion for this city in a whole new way. Melbourne is a city where you have to work hard to find all the hidden gems down alleyways, in old buildings, on rooftops – and Bernie is a living, breathing, shortcut to the best of the best. (...) Each tour starts and ends at a different restaurant for a coffee and some wine, respectively. Bernie mixes it up and chooses places that are new and happening and always off the beaten track. (...) Keep your eyes open in Melbourne because art is all around you – look up, look down, look around the corner or down an alley, but rarely is it in plain sight."

4 Steps 2 Healthy Life Style (New Zealand) – March
Melbourne's street art scene

"WOW, I can't stop recommending this tour. You walk to Melbourne's hottest art spots, some so secret you'd never find them yourself, and you're educated on the sensational street art along the way."

Cheapflights travel blog – March
Melbourne's street art scene

Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine – March
Australia Open

Tourism Australia – January
Melbourne's hidden art trails

"Art consultant Bernadette Alibrando knows exactly how elusive the city's hidden art trail can be. For the past seven years, she has led intimate groups of wide-eyed art lovers on walk to art tours, helping to unveil some of the city's concealed galleries and creative spaces."

book nowDiscover Your Own Backyard (City of Yarra) – December
Discover, Explore, Experience City of Yarra

The Saturday Age (Life & Style) – November
Fancy taking in some of the city's edgier art, but don't know where to start?

The Sunday Age (M Melbourne Inside Out) – October
Every Friday evening, art enthusiasts embark on a twilight tour of the CBD's street art-laden laneways, artist run initiatives and studios.

South China Morning Post (Post Magazine, China) – September
Magical mystery tours

"When it comes to plugging visitors into Melbourne's quirky street art, video installations and painting scene, Alibrando is the art world's go-to girl."

Melbourne Style (Destination Melbourne) – Winter edition
Artistic Melbourne – June
Exploring the art scene in Melbourne

"The tour begins in a new spot each time, and no two tours are exactly the same. One of the other patrons on the tour was actually a repeat customer – eager to discover more of Melbourne's prolific art community."

"Melbourne's alleys and side streets are rife with street art, but some is of a higher quality than others. Bernie directed us to some of her favourite pieces, and not only taught us the details and techniques in creating the work, but also regaled us with personal stories about the artists."

Time Out Melbourne – March
"It's never hard to find art in Melbourne but with every surface plastered in compositions, sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming. walk to art helps you sort the scribbles from the stunners. Follow Melbourne art expert Bernadette Alibrando as she takes you on a whirlwind tour of Melbourne's best streets, studios and galleries."

The Milk Bar ("an independent guide to the best of Melbourne") – March
"Walking Art Tours – It is technically a tour, although it feels more real – like spending an evening in someone else's shoes. As part of an intimate group of adults you visit gallery openings, re-discover your surroundings, talk and..."

"(...) Bernie, who packs as much fun and intrigue into the walk as possible. Each tour is unique and she seems to relish the playful mystery of it."

"It was one of the most unique behind-the-scenes experiences I've ever had, and an insight into the life of a real artist."

mygola (India) – March
Things to see and do on a 16 day trip to Australia

Melbourne's The Age – January
Paste modernism

Hints to Lady Travellers – January
"Go on a walking tour of Melbourne's very happening art scene with walk to art. Bernie Alibrando will introduce you to the best of the city's street art (with a glossary of different types) and take you to artist-run spaces, galleries and studios that you would more than likely never find on your own."

book nowAgenda Melbourne – November
Go where the artists go – art by night

"When we first encountered Melbourne's walk to art, we knew nothing of Melbourne's underground art scene, random street side fixtures and multiple street art genres. But when the fun, fast and enlightening tour finished we were left with an appreciation for a world we never knew.

"Now, with a stay-cation on the cards, walk to art has launched a Twilight tour giving you the chance to visit Melbourne's street 'galleries,' old and new, famous and never heard of."

Soul Pilates – November
Art By Night

"We all know Melbourne has endless alleyways splashed with art and quirky graffiti but now here's an opportunity to actually go and see it all... and at twilight! Take a tour around the streets of Melbourne with host Bernie Alibrando and experience for yourself all the underappreciated art that hides within them. This local's tour will allow you to visit street 'galleries,' old and new, famous and never heard of as well as pop into an opening or two. There's nothing better than art under the stars. Enjoy!" (Indonesia) – September
Morning at Mount Snow, Beach Evening at the Edge

NZ Herald News – July
Melbourne: Art brings city streets to life

"Largely regarded as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne offers world-class art and cultural heritage institutions and internationally recognised artists, while imaginative design and architecture abound. Outside mainstream culture, though, street art – some officially sanctioned – is also thriving. [Bernadette] Alibrando's walk to art tour helps bring the city's renowned street art to life for aficionados and novices like myself."

Qantas inflight magazine – 'The Australian Way' – June
A change of art

"No two tours are the same; a typical four-hour ramble might take in quirky quasi-galleries such as platform, a pedestrian underpass of glass-cased installations, or the Napier Hotel in Fitzroy, where artists display their wares in two upstairs exhibition spaces. She's also well-schooled in street art, stopping to alert the uninitiated to some of the CBD's more notable paintings and paste-ups."

Melbourne's The Age – March
On the creative trail

"Former restaurateur and art consultant Bernadette Alibrando believes that great art matches neatly with great food and wine, so combines the lot on her regular Melbourne art gallery walking tour."

"There is a definite predisposition to conceal the cool in Melbourne; the harder it is to find, the better it must be. So it's handy to have someone that will unlock the secrets of Melbourne's local art scene for you."

National Geographic Traveller – February
Melbourne: Oz Capital of Culture
Essential tours: Tour Melbourne's art scene with a local art expert (

book nowNew Zealand Woman's Weekly – October
"An unexpected gem during my visit is the walk to art tour. This is a must-do. Our small group shares a coffee before embarking on a three-hour walk with the effervescent Bernadette Alibrando as she walks and talks us through the legendary lanes that I wouldn't normally have the boldness to explore. Stopping to point out the now-famous street art, she bustles us through a labyrinth of stairwells, steps and buildings hidden from the main streets, to discover artists in their studios throughout."

Jetstar Magazine – October
Art in the City

"One industry stalwart has made it her mission to bring art to the people – on foot. Bernadette Alibrando's walking tours help navigate hidden galleries, street art and artist-run, independent projects."

walk to art shortlisted for The Melbourne Awards 2010 – August
"The Awards recognise individuals and organisations that have made significant contribution to our economic prosperity, social and environment sustainability, and reputation as a welcome and caring society."

Adelaide's Sunday Mail – June
"Escape – Artistic mystery – Art lovers can take a tour of New York with Melbourne art consultant Bernadette Alibrando in September. Alibrando, who previously worked in a fine art photographic gallery in the Big Apple, will share her knowledge and connections on the small group walk to art tour. (...) The itinerary is not revealed and every afternoon the group meets an artist in their studio to drink wine and build relationships."

Relax (Singapore) – June
"Art walkabout of Melbourne's alleyways – Alibrando is a passionate art maven. An artist who also works as a consultant, she shows where artists work and display."

Lonely Planet Discover Australia – May

Good Fruit and Vegetables, Produce Marketing Association Australia-New Zealand Limited (PMA A-NZ) – May
Top 10 things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne's The Age – March
"Alibrando conceived the idea for her walk to art tours during a year in New York, so it was natural that when she decided to take her tours offshore, the Big Apple would be her destination of choice. Alibrando's third tour of the New York art scene is scheduled for September.

'I don't do the obvious museums like the Guggenheim or the Met,' she says. 'There's plenty of free time in the itinerary for people to go off and explore them on their own. What we focus on is studios, artist-run spaces, public art and street art. We go to places that normal tourists, even those well-versed in art, can't easily access.'

Alibrando says while art is the focus of the tour, each traveller will leave New York feeling they know it and all its angles. 'We cover art, food and culture in a quirky, non-mainstream way,' she says."

Melbourne's The Age (48 hours section) – January
walk to art was featured on page 5, in a piece written by Lily Bragge

Melbourne's The Age – January
Survival guide to eating alfresco

"'One of the attractions of the picnic is that it is a great social leveller,' says Bernadette Alibrando of walk to art tours, a company that organises excursions to galleries, artist studios and artist-run initiatives. Each year she brings together various creative and art types to sit on the grass, eat and drink. The rich and poor (artists) can mix happily, with Humvee-sized barbecues remaining at home together with the $80 Riedel glasses and carpeted lavatories. 'It's a neutral ground for everyone,' Alibrando says. 'It doesn't matter what you have or who you are. It's a bit like an open house.' Plus you don't have to vacuum afterwards, she notes. Alibrando, who has a background in hospitality, says the great thing about picnics is that they are informal, and putting a bit of effort into making something is better than an exercise in who can buy the most expensive foods and wines. The key to this is the democracy of the picnic rug, where ownership is transferred to the group. 'There is an anonymous feel as everything gets put on to the table or rug,' she says."

New Zealand's Alive magazine
Marvellous Melbourne

book nowHerald Scotland – November
Walkabout is a work of art

The Guardian's Been There ( – November
"walk to art takes tourists to the creative front line of the most artistic city in Australia, if not the southern hemisphere. (...) this tour is more about the artistic processes going on in unnamed buildings and clandestine alleys around Melbourne. Over the course of the day you'll visit everything from airy studios to lane installations, talking to the artists as you go.

"It's breathless, brilliant and unlike any other art tour in the city."

Weekend Notes – September
Interesting Melbourne Tours

"You don't need to be an expert to enjoy this one. Art is in the eye of the beholder, as it were. Walk to art is the brainchild of Fine Arts graduate Bernadette Alibrando, who first came up with the idea of a walking art tour while living in New York City. She then brought the idea to Melbourne to attempt to "break down the barriers" and give the curious layman an introduction to the art world."

RoyalAuto (RACV Magazine) – September
Inner Soul – Take a closer look at Melbourne

"For the past two years, art consultant Bernadette Alibrando has lifted the lid on Melbourne's art scene. 'I want to give people an understanding that there are no rights or wrongs in what you see'. (...) 'People think that because they don't have an academic background, art is difficult.' (...) 'I slow it down, make it fun for people and by the end of the tour, they get it.'"

Melbourne's The Age (Traveller Section) – August
Going to the wall: touring Melbourne's street art

"I'm having my first real encounter with Melbourne's flourishing urban art culture and I'm instantly hooked." View the article

The Australian (Travel & Indulgence section) – July
Looking with Alibrandi

"The highlight has been meeting the artists, who happily discussed their lives and work with us. It's a mark of Alibrandi's reputation that she can convince so many up-and-comers to welcome strangers into their worlds." View the article

Australian Traveller – Just for the Girls: Mixing it up in Melbourne – July
"And of course there's always Australian Traveller's personal favourite, Bernie Alibrando's walk to art tours to pander to that cultural side you always knew you had."

Hot Spots 09 – Winter (The City June to August)

The Lonely Planet – Melbourne – 2009

The Star Online (Malaysia) – May
"Art walkabout of Melbourne's alleyways – Alibrando is a passionate art maven. An artist who also works as a consultant, she shows where artists work and display."

Australian Traveller – May
Art & Shopping: The Best of Melbourne's cool Laneways

"Melbourne is all about the laneways, the hidden cafes and the art spaces in unnamed buildings. AT follows Walk To Art's Bernie Alibrando to rediscover the old, and the new in the old, as she ventures out of the CBD to where the artists have gone." View the article

Etihad In Flight – February
The Magazine of Etihad Airways
Art & Culture of Melbourne, pages 54 to 59
by Jamie Lafferty

"On the surface, it doesn't look like a cultural capital; its Central Business District (CBD) looks much like it would in many European cities (...) Like all good things, the artistic and cultural life blood of this southern Australian city [Melbourne] must be sought after rather than casually found (...) Simply walking around the tight streets of the CBD and peering up alleyways can prove a fascinating way to spend a day."

Melbourne's The Age (Prime Liftout Section) – February
Culture charge

"Art consultant Bernadette Alibrando runs four-hour tours of Melbourne that offer a different perspective of the city (...) Her tour takes participants on a journey to the hidden commercial galleries tucked away in Melbourne's laneways, artists' studios in unnamed buildings, and artist-run initiative spaces that are the reward of climbing many flights of stairs, or heading underground to the subway."

Jaunted – January
Sussing Out Melbourne's Secret Masterpieces

"Because it can be a challenge to find the art lurking in remote corners and alleyways, Bernadette Alibrando, a local artist, has started giving walking tours of the best work in town."

Los Angeles Times – January
Walking tours bring Melbourne's street art to life

"On a cloudy Saturday afternoon in downtown Melbourne, Bernadette Alibrando leads a group of tourists into an alley that, at first glance, appears to have the usual alley stuff – dumpsters, backdoors, a little loose garbage rustling in the wind. With her 8 tour participants surrounding her, she gives a simple instruction: 'Look up'." View the photo gallery

Melbourne's The Age (A2) – January
"Melbourne's unique laneways and galleries are the creative lifeblood of our city, they can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Art consultant and former restaurateur Bernadette Alibrando has been introducing art lovers to this largely hidden world since walk-to-art was conceived in 2006. The three-hour walking tour of the CBD and inner-city suburbs covers a lot of ground, taking in Melbourne's world-renowned stencil art as well as traditional galleries and artist-run spaces. Alibrando keeps visitors on their toes by constantly changing the itinerary – she reveals the destinations only on the day."

book nowRoyal Auto RACV Magazine – December 2008/January 2009
walk to art was featured on "Victoria 101, RACV'S survey of the 101 best tourism experiences in the State".

JOY 94.9FM Melbourne – September
walk to art was invited by JOY 94.9FM Melbourne to talk about the hidden art spaces in Melbourne.

Cultural discovery, Cities of Melbourne, Port Phillip, Stonnington and Yarra – May
Melbourne's creativity is all around, from galleries and performance to style and design.

Australian House & Garden – May
Walking: it's good for the art

"An art consultant and mentor to artists, Bernadette Alibrando has made art her business for more than a decade: 'I worked at high-end galleries and found that a lot of times, clients didn't understand the journey or the process of the artist,' she says. Today, she runs a walking tour in Melbourne called Walk to Art, taking small groups to offbeat galleries, artist-run exhibition spaces and studios. 'What I teach people is that art doesn't have to be in a fancy gallery to be beautiful,' says Alibrando. 'There are preconceptions that you have to have a lot of money to go to a gallery or, at the other end, to be grungy to visit a cool studio.'"

Australian Traveller – May
"walk to art is a stirring, up-lifting experience for all types – from art enthusiasts to school students and family groups, from country folk to city dwellers. Like all good tours, it ends with a glass of wine, a delicious cheese platter and a bit of a chat. And, life mirroring art, the experience has been different for everyone, yet we all feel much richer and happier for the experience." Read more.

Radio 2GB 873AM – April
walk to art was featured on the Travel section hosted by Quentin Long, publisher of Australian Traveller magazine.

book nowGetaway (Channel 9) – November
"To enjoy walk to art you do not need knowledge of art, just an interest and curiosity. Over three hours you will no doubt find yourself chatting, socialising and learning from art dealers and artists. You can explore your own thoughts and feelings about what you see, and will be guided by an art consultant with a passion for both walking and discovering." Read more.

Sydney Morning Herald – November
Off the beaten track – Guy Wilkinson explores some Australian tourist attractions that are too often overlooked

"What: Have an art attack
Where: Melbourne
Why: Some of the graffiti art decorating Melbourne's many laneways is truly amazing. If you normally regard graffiti as nothing more than senseless vandalism, then the murals here may cause you to think again. Stroll the lanes at your leisure before stopping off for coffee at one of the many cafes dominating the lanes. For the serious art lover, there are even guided tours of all the nooks and crannies, where you can see the artists at work in their studios and be privy to all the behind-the-scenes information."

Daily Imprint (blog by Natalie Walton) – November
Dynamo ball of inspiration: Bernadette Alibrando

"We've all met one. It's the person who is friends with everyone at school. The one that's popular and cool and yet still incredibly lovely. That's exactly what Bernie Alibrando is like. I met her in Melbourne while I was writing my Real Living travel story and took one of her brilliant walk to art tours. I learnt more in those few hours than I would have if I'd spent the entire week up to my eyeballs in books on theory and what's happening in the art world. And she was such an incredibly generous, interesting and fun person to be around."

Real Living – October edition
"The art underground – This was the highlight of our trip. You get to see a side of Melbourne that's only possible with a local showing you around, and art consultant Bernadette Alibrando is a dynamo. She took us through myriad laneways to all the best graffitti, to the smallest gallery in Melbourne (palm-sized!) and we got to meet several artists."

West Australian – August
Walking – A work of art

Bernie's Walk to Art, which changes according to what's happening in the smaller galleries around the city, is aimed at uncovering some of Melbourne's hidden cultural treasures. And the sprightly artlover is well equipped for rain, hail or shine with brollies, bottles of water and a wad of tram tickets in case the sprinkle turns torrential.

A quick shot of espresso at Pushka, the tiny café where we meet in Presgraves Lane, and I'm ready to explore. Bernie is a fount of information, chatting away as she leads us through labyrinthine laneways, stairwells and into the heart of Melbourne's behind-the-scenes art world.

Almost every art space she uncovers is one unwitting locals and tourists would probably never know existed."

Sydney Morning Herald – August
Art that's right up your street (read the full article online)

Melbourne's The Age – August
Winter warmers

As an art consultant and former restaurateur, Bernadette Alibrando has combined all her passions to initiate her innovative walking art tours in and around Melbourne. Join a group of two to eight people and discover art in unsuspected places: in hidden art spaces, down unnamed laneways and backstreet studios. Then sit down with like-minded art-lovers to discuss local work over wine and cheese at the end of the tour."

ARTbeat (JOY 94.9FM Melbourne) – July 2007
walk to art was invited by the arts program of JOY 94.9FM Melbourne for a one-hour interview about our art tours.

MX Melbourne – May
Tourist attraction – Art is walking tall

Melbourne's drawcard events – the Grand Prix, the tennis and the comedy festival – might grab the world's attention, but it is a small Melbourne art tours that is secretly exciting tourists. The behind-the-scenes tour, Walk to Art, has been listed by 'Australian Traveller' magazine as the 11th top "Thing to do in Australia You've Never Heard of". Media personalities Catriona Rowntree and Sandra Sully were among the judges who ranked the final 100 from the 800 nominations."

Australian Traveller – April/May
"If you've ever walked through the maze of Melbourne's laneways, you've seen the great little cafés and restaurants, the odd gallery, and people everywhere who look cool. You're left with the impression that in this maze there's some extraordinary stuff happening around you, but you just haven't been invited. Bernadette Alibrando (or Bernie as she's known) runs tours of these very laneways, studios, nocks and crannies. Bernie has been in the art industry for the past ten years and knows all the lurks and perks. She prefers that you get to understand and appreciate these artists by visiting their studios and seeing them work, so while she'll show you galleries, what she really wants is for you too see behind the scenes. Each tour is unique, going wherever Bernie thinks is the best to see at the moment, and afterward you'll sample fantastic wines and cheeses in one of those great little hidden laneway bars. There you can relax and ask Bernie a whole lot more questions, which you most certainly will have. After all, you're cool now. These lanes don't seem quite so intimidating anymore, do they?"

Qantas inflight magazine – April
"For visitors to Melbourne suffering a case of 'festival fatigue', walk to art offers a three-hour walking tour of Melbourne art followed by a group discussion complete with wine and cheese. The tour takes participants to various art galleries as well as providing the opportunity to meet with both emerging and established artists in their studios."

Vogue Living – March/April
"Discover Melbourne's hidden galleries and artists' studios on the walk to art tours led by Bernadette Alibrando every Wednesday and Saturday, climb up to garrets and dive down laneways in groups of eight or on private tours."

Australian House & Garden – February
"An exquisite excursion – Discover a Melbourne you never knew existed on a walk to art. Trawl the City's laneways, galleries and studios. Then discuss it all over wine and cheese."

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