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"I just wanted to send my sincerest thanks to you for the walking tour you did with our students. The kids had a great time and got a lot out of the experience and loved seeing all the various street art. Many still are talking about their experience and the inspiration you gave them. I look forward to the next cultural tour where we can hopefully catch up again!"

"Hello Bernie. We thought the tour was great. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of fun made it a big winner for us. Thanks, Tony."

"Hi Bernie, the walk, the art, the conversation left a huge impression on me. Thank you so much for a most interesting afternoon. Bernie, your knowledge is mind-blowing, it seriously is. Take care and thank you again, Sophia"

"Dear Bernie, thank you so much for our walk on Friday afternoon. It was fantastic and will certainly be recommending it to our friends. Might see you in New York one day! Kind regards, Jo"

"Hi Bernadette, my name is Brooke, you came to talk to Photography Studies College (PSC, Melbourne) a few months ago and I was completely amazed with you and your story, so when we were given our current assignment to explore future career paths that we could possibly pursue once we leave PSC, I knew I wanted to contact you."

"Just wanted to say a quick 'thank you' for organising a fabulous day out! It was indeed a treat and opened our eyes and minds to new experiences which we love. We appreciated the part of the tour that is your creation as well as the 'other'. Seemingly casual yet carefully choreographed. Nice work!"

"A quick note to say thanks for Saturday and to pass on a message that everyone has been raving about the tour! Think there are a few of us who will back up for another one – probably in the North Fitzroy area... Have also passed on your details to a few friends who couldn't make it on Saturday so hopefully they will also book in the coming month or two. Thanks so much; it really is one of the best things I have done since moving to Melbourne 5 years ago! Cheers, Margot"

"We examined the street art that has made Melbourne one of the best known street art centers in the world and some of the small contemporary art spaces that are available to new artists. Bernadette challenged us to question the visual spaces around us and guided us to broaden our thinking beyond conservative ideas of what art 'should or could' be." Luisa Stocco, Year 12 Art and Design Teacher at Mercedes College, Adelaide SA, about a school group tour (Mercedes College Newsletter)

"Just to let you know we really enjoyed our tour. We learnt a lot and would love to tour with you again. Many thanks, Wendy, Harley, Sue, Carolyn and Jo"

"I am still digesting our lovely day last Wednesday. I did enjoy it very much, and some of the images have stayed with me. I have written quite a bit about them and enjoyed conveying the visual dynamics to friends. I am hoping to fit in another walk with you while I am here, so will look at dates and get back to you. You were highly professional, good company, knew your stuff and kept the ball rolling. Best wishes, Serena"

"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful, informative and fun walk to art tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and meeting you and Serena... And it was a really special end to the afternoon with wine and cheese, and chatting with 2 awesome women! Best wishes, Lainie"

I just wanted to thank you for such a terrific and inspirational tour I had with you 2 months ago. You inspired me to apply to a few spots in Naarm / Melbourne to show my art, and also made me realise quite a number of things that were blocking me from moving forward with my photographs and drawings. I had 2 more weeks of school holidays after my tour with you and spent the entire time creating a mini book/zine of photos and stories. I have recommended your tours to a few Sydney folk, and I hope to come on another one with you toward the end of the year. Thanks again for such an inspiring afternoon and evening in Naarm / Melbourne, and I hope to see you again soon. Dani Green"

"Stephanie and I just wanted to thank you for the tour on Saturday. We were entertained, educated, fed and watered – I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon! The next time we are in Naarm / Melbourne we hope to do another walk with you. All the best for New York and Venice (I am green with envy). Kind regards, Carolyn Jones"

"I have been looking through hundreds of photos that I took while in Naarm / Melbourne. I came on your walk of art in November and I must say that it was the best start to my holiday. I saw street art in a different light and came to realise that Melbourne was much more than just the main streets. You showed me all different kinds of art and the trip to an artist's studio (sorry I not remember his name) was just wonderful. Your enthusiasm for me to see and experience Melbourne was just great. I remembered most of the places you recommended and I visited them as many times as we could. They all lived up to your recommendations. I must admit though, it took me 2 days to find Brother Baba Budon! And it was in the same street as my hotel. It was certainly worth it though. I am now armed with all the information needed for a memorable holiday, just wished it could be longer than 11 days. Brian"

"I came on your tour with my friend Chree in late July and, as part of the tour, we visited John Waller's studio in Fitzroy, where he was preparing for an exhibition in Moss Green Gallery South Yarra. I just wanted to let you know that we went to a preview of the exhibition, which was stunning. So impressed that we bought a painting! So I thought you would like to know this positive outcome of your tour. If it had not been for your introduction, I would never have known about this fantastic artist. Best wishes, Erina"

"Thank you very much for taking my parents and I on the walking art tour. We all loved it and have not stopped talking about how graffiti is not just something that should be painted over! Hopefully we will be down again later in the year and will be in touch to book another walking art tour then. Thank you very much for taking us – we all had a great time. Regards, Suzie"

"Many thanks for a very interesting afternoon. It was a real insight into the art world, Chris and I enjoyed the experience greatly. Regards, Mark"

"Just a quick note to say I enjoyed the Saturday afternoon. Thought you did/do a great job. If you are down this way, please contact me or we could even meet at McClelland Gallery. Cheers, Gail"

"Many, many thanks for the walk today. We had a fantastic time. We have had a sheltered (blinkered?) life for too long and today was part of the start for us to discover more about the world we live in and about ourselves. Fancy learning so much about a city we have lived near for 25 years! You are a treasure. The buttons, the "dressmaker", the lift lady, the cafe, the alleys, the "hidden" galleries, the neon signs, the wine and cheese... just amazing. And, to top it off, we think you are a lovely, lovely lady. Happiness always!"

"(The walk) was fantastic. We had such a good time and what we saw exceeded both our expectations. You were a great host and guide. I have recommended your walk to everyone as a must."

"I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous afternoon walk. I hope that each visit I make to Melbourne I might be able to touch base with you and take a walk."

"Thanks for a fantastic walk. I've been telling everyone I know about it."

"Your tour was a fantastic team building activity. The tour was informative, fun and very well organised. We've had great feedback from everyone that participated and I think we've generated some budding art enthusiasts. We are more than happy to support and recommend your tours to others. I look forward to arranging for more people to take a tour in the near future."

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"I absolutely loved every minute of the tour, it was such a privilege to be able to see New York in a different perspective and to be a part of such a great group of women. I know that you put so much of yourself into planning this tour and I wanted to acknowledge your input and insight."

"I am absolutely delighted that I went on your tour. I enjoyed the variety of experiences you offered."

"I have just arrived from an amazing walk to art New York. WOW!!! Bernie has an incredible knowledge of art and all the unique and quirky places in New York. I met talented artists in their studios, viewed artwork in the 5 boroughs of New York, from Harlem to Chelsea. At the conclusion of each walk, wine and cheese at the most wonderful venues, from Soho to Brooklyn. Bernie gave her time and expertise in such a generous way. Tips on the best places to shop, from gourmet food to Marc Jacobs. I thoroughly recommend walk to art New York. Put it on your list!!! Terri"

"Yes, the 'dust is settling' from the trip, which was just long enough to tantalize me to go back when I next have that kind of $!???!! It was a wonderful way to experience a new city... I just love the work. It's now hanging outside my bathroom. Besides being a totally cool piece of black panther art, it contains two of my most favourite things! And one of those things is the hot bath. The trip was most important to me in both personal and professional sense, and particular aspects are illuminated as time goes on – as the dust settles I guess. Things are still whirling around in my head. Thank you for your hard work and organisation, I do have many joyous memories, that's for sure. I've got some lovely pics of Brooklyn, which I hope to play with in a photographic or painting context sometime soon, so will keep you posted. Jenny W"

"I have found adjusting to life as usual in Naarm / Melbourne quite hard – everything seems so small and "country-town" like! I never thought I would have such a wonderful time travelling on my own, and in fact your tour was like travelling with a group of great independent friends, always ready to get together to have fun, but never totally reliant on each other!

"You must give yourself the full credit you deserve for this experience. It was evident how much preparation you must have done to organise it all. Every day was stimulating and interesting, and everything ran like a well oiled machine, so give yourself a big pat on the back.

"I had lots of fun with Jen and Nova; they were great company, and I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with them. Our schedules will mean that it won't be as often as we'd like, but I am sure there will be emails back and forth from time to time. The whole group in fact interacted so well together, I really think you must have vetted people before signing them up! Much love, Philippa Jelbart (fortyfivedownstairs gallery, Melbourne)"

"I really had the most amazing, excellent time, and I wish I was still there! Thank you for all your great effort to put together such a diverse array of visual experiences, tastes and smells. I really feel that this NY trip has reminded me of what's important in my life... Cheers, Nova"

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"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for providing an 'insider's' view of Venice. It really is such an enchanting city, as well as being the perfect backdrop for the Biennale. I took home a lot of memories and as always you provided a wonderful environment for us all." (2013)

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your walking tour of the Biennale and exploring Venice. We so loved it and our group was fabulous. Doing an analysis I figured the artwork/installations ranged from dismal to creative and intelligent. Stopping at the wine bars in the late afternoon to have prosecco and chichetti was also such fun. Thank you!" (2011)

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