The artist's journey: sustainability, longevity and survival in a commercial world


19 August 2010

For the last 10 weeks I have had a wonderful, talented artist stay with me named Michael Feigenbaum.

Michael is not simply a visual artist. He is a performing artist, a body percussionist, and in actual fact he is a rhythm specialist.

Michael Feigenbaum

Take a look at this work on YouTube's mybeat2 channel.

This time with Michael has reminded me that all artists have a very similar long journey. A journey about sustainability, longevity and survival in a commercial world, which does not necessarily see art visual or performing art as a sustainable career.

Those artists who do run the marathon tend to have the same skills, philosophies and disciplines:

  • They are mentally fit, physically fit and have great practise.
  • They are skilled in their medium, pushing forward and opening up doors.
  • They are out there, networking in person or on social media; they are forming relationships with others in their field and are running a very tight business.
  • They are respectful of others, their talents and time.
  • They have great communication skills and return emails, phone calls and texts.
  • They have started with a strong foundation and have grown organically from hard work, good relationships and good business practise.
  • They have ensured that their "brand" is respected and they have been conscious of every move.

I am very fortunate to have such amazing people in my life, people who are successful in living a life out of their passion and need to express. People like Michael Feigenbaum.