walk-to-art to celebrate its 10th anniversary where it all began: New York

New York tours

25 June 2015

walk-to-art will turn ten in 2016 and to celebrate I have launched a 10th anniversary walk-to-art New York tour.

It's about going back to where this journey began – walk-to-art was conceived in New York, in my walks from Brooklyn to Chelsea. In that time I explored quirky art spaces, creative studios, music and eateries. I people watched every day on the trains and on the street and I searched for the best coffee in town. So it seems New York is the most fitting place to celebrate walk-to-art's 10th birthday.

photo of New York City

As usual there will be no itinerary given upfront and you just need to trust that you are in very safe hands.

My essential list will give you the rundown of organic grocers, fabulous brunch places, favourite coffee hangouts, burgers, bagels, corn with cream cheese, oyster bars, underground Mexican, diners and more.

  • We will stay in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and enjoy the local cafes and bars.
  • Our days will be filled with art, food and activity, finishing with the perfect Negroni or Martini.
  • We travel mostly in the afternoons and there are no forced dinners.
  • We will walk, travel the trains and experience a new borough, discovering art spaces, studios and interesting people.

Do you need more reasons to be part of this? You may be in need of a creative break to help you discover the artist within, an educator wanting to refresh your knowledge of contemporary art, an artist wishing to connect to the New York scene or just a lover of life...

photo of New York City

Join me on this special New York art tour in September 2016 to experience a walk through the remarkable back streets and to discover the abundance of culture that makes this city so special.

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