Handing over my "guide hat" while walk-to-art turns 10


12 June 2016

Ten years ago I was in New York starting a key chapter in my life. walk-to-art began on my return to Melbourne in 2006, and there have been many influential people along the way. One of them was my dear friend Belinda, who has been there from the start. This week I have handed over my "guide hat" and have been expertly hosted around the busy, foggy, full city of Shanghai, in China, by her.

We have...

Chinese cooking workshop: learning the art of Chinese cooking
  • walked through the leafy, green surrounds of the French Concession
  • ridden bikes through the back streets at night after too many cocktails
  • visited the laneway shops
  • been "destroyed" by Chinese masseuses
  • sorted through fabrics at the Fabric Market
  • learnt the art of Chinese cooking
  • eaten at wonderful bakeries
  • been to secret bars with secret doors and secret codes
  • eaten lunch and dinner at outstanding restaurants on The Bund
  • discovered great coffee, quaint cafes
  • watched the people dance, sing, exercise and walk their birds in the local parks...

These are my favourite places in Shanghai:

  • Farine – Coffee and fresh baked goods
  • Baker & Spice – Coffee, breakfast, lunch and baked delights
  • Green & Safe – Lunch, groceries, organic
  • Egg – Wonderful all day b'fast
  • M On The Bund – Lovely lunch on The Bund
  • Speak Low – Secret bar

When left to my own devices, I followed my bible, Luxe City Guide app, and discovered the art of this big city:

Street art: Writing poetry with water in the park (Shanghai, China)

Thank you – As walk-to-art is turning 10, a big thank you to Belinda, Philip, Greg, Angela, Cathy, Maria, Anne-Marie and Charles. You have all been there from the start and are still here now.

Thank you to everyone else who have continued to spread the word on walk-to-art. To those who have been on numerous Naarm / Melbourne, New York and Venice tours. I have learnt, discovered, laughed and cried with many of you over the years.

walk-to-art has not only been about art; it has been a celebration of all the things that I love: art, design, walking, food, coffee, wine, cheese, pop ups, laneways and people.